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Saying “goodbye” to some longstanding colleagues

Many of you may have noticed the recent departure of Dr Olney through retirement, and most recently the retirement of Nursing Sister Di Clarfelt.  This may have appeared sudden but when we were in the early stages of the Covid emergency,  there was little time for reflection.  It is inevitable that staff will come while others will move on and we have been so fortunate that over the past 30 years we’ve enjoyed an energetic team of stable and experienced clinicians.  However, time waits for no one and our team must, and is, changing.

Dr Olney was the first GP to retire recently, Dr Plant will be the next to follow her into retirement in April 2021.

A General Practice is a stable feature in the community, looking after patients and providing healthcare, but the members of the team cannot remain stable forever.

Our Doctors and Nurses and supporting team members will all come to retirement eventually but that is also an opportunity to refresh and revitilise our team and face the new challenges with energy and commitment.  Our aim throughout every change we face is to provide our patients with a stable, reliable and safe presence in Barnes.